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Twitter webpart for SharePoint










What is this project about?
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1. This is a SharePoint webpart project. The webpart searches Twitter for a search term entered by the user.

2. Webpart has to be activated first. The goal of the project is to show users how to implement licensing in the SharePoint projects. Webpart can be activated by entering a licensing key in the key box shown when the webpart is run for the first time. Developer can set the expiration time in the project. It can be 30 days or 30 months or whatever you want.

3. Project shows how code can be obfuscated. DLL generated by the project contains obfuscated code. This is a pure example of how SharePoint projects should be released if your goal is to earn money. This is for demonstration purposes only. Obviously if your idea is very unique and your business plan is guaranteed to make you a millionaire, you would like to use a paid good quality obfuscation service. This project gives you the code that you need to implement obfuscation and licensing.

4. Search results automatically refresh after a set period of time that can be set in the web part.

Download webpartkeys.doc from the downloads section. It contains the 50 keys that you can issue to your users. Webpart validates license key entered by the user against this collection. Webpart asks for key only on first usage. It again asks for the key when the license key expires. Expiration time can be set in the project.

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